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Our story

The greatest challenge that corporations face today is to survive and thrive in a time of unprecedented turbulent change. The roots of the challenge are well known: globalization, developments in technology, the empowerment of digitally conscious consumers and citizens and geo-political and economic instability.

Furthermore, they are all significantly compounded by the dominant macro question of our age: how can a population rocketing towards 9 billion people live well and sustainably on a single planet with finite natural resources, particularly when the challenges are exacerbated by climate change.

Like many business leaders, we believe companies can only answer these challenges by adopting the principles of sustainable business and using them to transform the resilience and competitiveness of their operations and their overall value chain.

Fortunately, most of the knowledge and capability needed to do this already exists somewhere, albeit isolated and hidden in exceptional pockets of best practice: in your supply-base, in your operations or with your customers.

What is required therefore, are new forms of collaboration that make the exceptional normal and so enable far greater economic efficiency, drive innovation, manage environmental and social risks, protect brands and create shared value.

At 2degrees, we have developed a unique and innovative approach to collaboration, using our online platform and specialist processes, to connect up the people, knowledge and organizations needed to cut costs, risk and impacts, and drive innovation.

By doing this we deliver real measurable outcomes and help make sustainable business happen.