So what do the outcomes of collaboration look like in practice?

Take a glimpse at some of the measurable benefits being seen by clients using our value chain collaboration solutions.

  • Reduced costs

    Reduced costs

    It is estimated that more than €95 million of operational savings associated with reductions in energy, waste and water are being realized in one Supplier Collaboration Program.

  • Increased trust

    Increased trust

    65% of clients’ suppliers say they trust their customer more as a result of participation in a 2degrees managed Supplier Collaboration Program

  • Adoption of best practice

    Adoption of best practice

    In a two and a half year period, operational managers from 300 different food processing and manufacturing companies shared around 100,000 insights, experiences and best practice to help solve practical problems.

  • New levels of collaboration

    New levels of collaboration

    Engineers involved in a 2degrees managed program are more than twice as likely to collaborate with peers from other companies than engineers that are not..

  • Supplier investment

    Supplier investment

    Suppliers that collaborate through a 2degrees managed program invest more in projects to drive operational efficiencies, and reduce impacts and risks.

  • Transformational innovation

    Transformational innovation

    The first 10 solutions alone sourced through the RBS Innovation Gateway have the potential to save RBS 40,000 tonnes of CO2, 200,000 million litres of water and £7,500,000 per year.

  • Time efficiency

    Time efficiency

    Members of 2degrees-run, Internal Collaboration Programs, report that participation saves them, on average, up to 10 hours a month by making it easier to find information and access colleague insight.

  • Better internal working relationships

    Better internal working relationships

    60% of colleagues involved in a 2degrees Internal Collaboration Program say they have stronger relationships with other team members as a result.