A better cuppa for all!

  • Justin Tait
  • Client Director – 2degrees
  • 5:29pm 25th November 2015

Are you involved in the tea industry?

Today sees the Tea 2030 Online Exchange - a unique online collaboration platform for the tea industry - go live!

As a part of their ongoing global commitment to delivering a sustainable future for tea, Tea 2030 member companies and organisations working with 2degrees, have come together to create the Tea 2030 Online Exchange. This is part of a wider Tea 2030 programme to address challenges in the sector and help create a sustainable future for tea. For more detail on the identified challenges please see the attached Future of Tea report. 

The Tea 2030 Online Exchange

The Exchange is open to any organisations working in the tea industry, as well as those beyond it with an interest in seeing a sustainable tea sector by 2030. It will explore issues as diverse as landscape management, employment concerns and consumer engagement – anything affecting the production, processing and purchase of tea.

The Online Exchange will further help Tea 2030's ambition of making tea a 'hero crop' – one that doesn't just become a great product for years to come, but one that also helps to secure livelihoods and landscapes and that builds a deeper connection between producers and consumers.

A hero crop will ensure every cup of tea betters the lives of the people who produce it, improves the environment where it is grown, and contributes to a thriving global industry.

Sign up to the Exchange today and help make this ambition reality!

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