COP21 - Beyond the Hot Air: What’s Important for Procurement, Supplier Management & Operations?

  • Martin Chilcott
  • Founder & CEO – 2degrees
  • 11:06am 13th December 2015

CPO21 - what it means for procurement and supply chain management

You can hardly escape COP21, even if you wanted to. The global climate change negotiations are getting exceptional news coverage this year because they look like they might mark a turning point (or at least the start of a long turning circle) in international co-operation to prevent tragic and irreversible global warming.

I am here in Paris, not for the inter-governmental talks per se, but because big business, with senior representatives are attending dozens of side events, sharing their plans of how becoming more sustainable can make them more competitive and part of the solution not the problem. And most importantly they are pressing the negotiators to be more ambitious! They’re having an impact.
Amongst them (and often leading) are 2degrees’ clients and prospects, companies like Unilever, GSK, Kimberly-Clark and Kingfisher plc. Companies we are helping to collaborate across their value chains at scale in order to cut costs, reduce risk and drive innovation.

What I want to understand and share is how Chief Procurement Officers and Chief Supply-Chain Officers in large companies are going to be affected by COP21. What will INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions), SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals), the LCTPI (Low Carbon Technology Partnership Initiative and other TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) mean for you, your suppliers and how you source and work with them to manage costs, risks and innovate.

I will write several short blogs in the next few days on the following topics (I may add others depending on what new stuff I hear), so keep an eye out for them. My shortlist is as follows:

  1. The circular and sharing economies: driving radical new business models which will require re-alignment of the supply-chain

  2. Commitments (INDCs, SDGs etc.) and what they will mean for you

  3. Collaboration (the most used word at COP21 excluding the above TLAs), but what does it really mean? What sort of collaborations do you need to transform your supply-base? 

  4. Stranded assets (and not just of the carbon variety)

  5. The energy efficiency cascade: double your energy efficiency and get your suppliers to do the same

  6. Global Landscapes and the required changes in agriculture get emphasized at COP21

  7. Leadership: who is showing it and what it means for their companies and sectors

  8. Natural Capital and rise of the EP&L

Eight is enough for the moment. So watch out for these 5 minute briefings on why COP21 is transforming your role and the value chain you manage. Coming to you live from a café somewhere in Paris.

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