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  • 12:49pm 31st March 2017

This is the first part in our new interview series where you will get to know the fantastic people who work at 2degrees a bit better. For this first interview we sat down with a rather new member of our team – Charis McCarter - to find out more about how she ended up at 2degrees.

Charis, today is your last day as an intern at 2degrees! What is your new job?
I’m pleased to say that I’ve been offered a full time position with the Innovation Gateway.  I will join the team as an Assistant Engagement Manager working to source innovations for our partners.

Tell us about your career path, how’d you get here?
I’ve always been interested in sustainability – I did a BSc in Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews before going to work in Uganda for two years.  There I worked for Busoga Trust, a water and sanitation NGO.  I was responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of over 2,500 wells across Uganda. 

In order to establish my credibility in the development field I decided I needed to further my education, and so went to SOAS to do an MSc in Environment, Politics and Development.  This re-ignited my passion for the environment and made me consider (perhaps more effective) ways in which I could pursue a career in sustainability.

I decided to look for sustainability-related jobs in the UK and ended up getting an internship at 2degrees!  My internship has given me an insight into how businesses can address sustainability issues.  I’ve had the opportunity to dip in and out of a tonne of projects and work with lots of people in the office.  We recently launched our new platform Manufacture 2030 at the Shard – it was awesome being part of such a great event. 

Where are you from originally?
Tough one – I’m a Kenyan born British girl with an Irish passport! I’ve lived the most consecutive years in a row in Lusaka, Zambia, but very much consider Oxford my home now.

Why did you want to work with 2degees?
It’s a small UK based organisation with global goals, a collaborative ethos and a commitment to sustainability!

What is your favourite aspect of the 2degrees culture and values?
Collaboration is one of the most important values at 2degrees and I got to experience this first-hand one of my first days at 2degrees.

We were having a team meeting where as preparation all members of the team had been asked to write down highlights from the past few months where they had really appreciated help from someone else in the team. This to me really reinforced the collaborative culture at 2degrees and showed that people live the values!

Oxford is a really nice place to live. Outside of work, what do you like to do?
Oh lots of things!  Travel, photography and keeping fit are high up on my list. 

Thank you Charis! If you have any questions for Charis post them in the comments box below and make sure to read the next feature when we introduce another member of the team. 

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