We’re proud to be running collaboration programs with some of the world’s leading brands. Discover companies like yours who are finding success with 2degrees


The Asda Sustain and Save Exchange drives resource efficiency in the food supply base

Asda partners with 2degrees to manage an online collaboration program enabling their suppliers to cut costs and improve resource efficiency in energy, waste and water.

The result:

  • Voluntarily reported savings from 42 suppliers alone show over €48m of cost & impact reductions
  • Significantly strengthened trust between Asda and its suppliers
  • A world class supply base that sets the sustainability standard

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Kingfisher Group

Europe's leading home improvement retailer accelerates best practice in its internal operations with the help of 2degrees

With nearly 1,200 stores across 10 countries, Kingfisher use 2degrees’ internal collaboration solution to share knowledge across its 5 operating companies, including brands such as B&Q, Screwfix, Castorama and Brico Dépôt, in order to meet their 3-year Property objectives. This unifies colleague efforts across the business, making it easier to meet their 3-year property objectives: ‘ONE’ Kingfisher business goals.

The result:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of employees
  • Accelerated uptake of best practice and innovation across the whole business

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Global healthcare company use 2degrees to help reduce the environmental impact of its value chain by 25% before 2020

With GSK purchasing over €2.5b of materials, representing over 40% of its carbon footprint, collaborating with suppliers is critical to finding the solutions necessary to reduce it.

The GSK Supplier Exchange was established to:

  • Drive collaboration and innovation across the supply base to improve resource and energy efficiency
  • Enable suppliers to disclose data and share best practice and expertise to reduce impact
  • Source innovative solutions

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EU-wide companies collaborate using 2degrees to increase efficiency and sustainability in logistics

NexTrust is an EU funded consortium of over 30 of Europe’s leading companies such as Beiersdorf, Delhaize, Kimberly Clark and Panasonic Europe; all working together to drive forward collaborative logistics. 2degrees provides the program with a facilitated online collaboration hub which is the central space for all project management, progress tracking and associated discussion to drive the project forward.

Launched at the beginning of June 2015, the consortium aims to:

  • Reduce deliveries by 20%
  • Increase load factors by 50%
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50%

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Tesco works with its top 2,000 suppliers to cut carbon using 2degrees’ supplier collaboration solution

In 2012 2degrees developed and launched Tesco’s first supplier collaboration program to reduce the energy costs, waste and environmental impacts of the products they buy.

The result:

  • The launch of the world's first and largest Tier 1 supply chain collaboration program, serving 2,100 members across 40+ countries
  • A first-of-its-kind Buying Club that helped Tesco's suppliers invest in energy efficient lighting
  • Carbon and cost reductions of up to 80% on related energy bills

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Global tea brands work with 2degrees to help make industry truly sustainable by 2030

As a part of a commitment to delivering a sustainable future for tea, brands including Unilever, Starbucks, Taylors, Finlays and Tata Global Beverages have come together to create the Tea 2030 Online Exchange using 2degrees.

This Online Exchange provides a collaboration space to drive knowledge-sharing and best practice between actors across the value network for tea - from small producers to processors and retailers - to identify and address innovative solutions that will drive a successful and sustainable tea industry.

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RBS adopt 2degrees collaboration platform to crowd source innovation

Wanting to collaborate with innovators to nurture ground-breaking solutions that would cut energy costs in their property portfolio, RBS works with 2degrees to launch an Innovation Gateway.

Now in its second year, it has resulted in:

  • 341 resource efficiency innovations crowdsourced to-date, 30 of which have been implemented on the RBS estate
  • 10 of these solutions alone have the potential to save RBS 40,000 tonnes of CO2 and 200,000 million litres of water per year
  • An estimated 10% saving in energy costs for RBS over 3 years

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