What our clients’ suppliers say

"I now know that I can contact my opposites in big companies and ask them a question and they'll answer it. There are no longer inter-company silos, the Exchange has wiped that out. It's a phenomenal tool."

Rick Lloyd, Chief Engineer, Stateside Foods
  • "Our relationship with Asda has definitely changed as a result of the Exchange. We’re more aware of their needs… and the waste reduction program we’re running on site has led to a 15% reduction.”

    Andy Wright, CR Manager, Tulip
  • “Our relationship with Asda as a result of the SSE has broadened. We’ve got a deeper relationship with our customer and it has enabled us to build trust and work on the relationship between the two businesses.” 

    Keston Williams, Technical Dir, Barfoots of Botley
  • "The SSE has been very useful to see what pitfalls people have experienced and to make sure that I don't make the same mistakes."

    Jason Fewell, Group Engineering Manager, Wyke Farms Ltd
  • “At the moment we're looking at solar pannels & I feel confident that I can get best information when going on the platform, posting questions & seeing how everyone else is doing things."

    Caroline Ayears-Johnson, Technical Manager, Watts Farms