2degrees is the specialist collaboration platform and service helping businesses collaborate with their value chain.

Businesses today are wholly dependent on their value chains. The trouble is that whether it be suppliers, customers or employees, those value chains are more fragmented, opaque and vulnerable than ever before.

Yet buried away in silos are the untapped capabilities, know-how, best practice and innovation that can transform a business and enable it to thrive in these challenging times.

2degrees has developed ways to unlock that hidden knowhow. Using large-scale, digitally enabled collaboration, our unique solutions make it easy for people from different organizations to collaborate with one another. The result? Shared value, from cost savings to innovation, that makes businesses, and the value chain as a whole, more efficient, sustainable and competitive.

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What our clients say

“The Asda Sustain and Save Exchange is not just a project with a strong business case and direct paybacks to suppliers; it is a fundamental tool to support our mission to be Britain’s most trusted retailer.”

Andy Clarke, CEO, Asda