Bring a new level of collaboration, resilience and efficiency to your supply chain.

For many companies, as much as 80% of their risks, costs and impacts lie in an arm's length supply-base where visibility, trust and control is poor. Managing this can be daunting.

At 2degrees, we have proved, through our work with clients like Asda, Unilever and GSK, that our digitally-enabled, peer collaboration platform and service can make all the difference.

It is unique in how it unlocks hidden knowledge, enables supplier-to-supplier collaboration and creates shared value across a supply-base to make it more resilient, sustainable and competitive.

Our Supplier Collaboration Programs can help you to:

  • Bring your suppliers together at scale in your own branded and secure online space where you can build a detailed picture of who they are and the operational challenges they face
  • Cut significant and measurable costs, risks and impacts from your own, and your suppliers’, operations by making the most of the hidden knowhow and capability
  • Engage and communicate more effectively with thousands of suppliers to create an on-going dialogue that will improve transparency, compliance and mutual understanding
  • Unlock valuable knowledge and best practice. In one client program they’ve seen 100,000+ exchanges of information between 300 supplier companies, helping them to remove otherwise hidden substantial cost and risk
  • Build unrivalled trust to become ‘customer of choice’. 65% of suppliers surveyed in a 2degrees-managed collaboration program said that participation had built greater trust and understanding with their customer
  • Drive innovation by crowdsourcing new solutions or making the most of those already present, but hidden, in your supply-base
  • Generate measureable ROI captured through robust processes and data tools

To find out more email Oliver Hurrey or call +44 (0)1865 597640

What our clients say

“The platform provides a powerful way to engage a large number of suppliers at one time, and we've been able to create multiple connections because of this. One innovative example is connecting our customer - the NHS - with our suppliers around their challenges. This is adding real value and is also motivating our suppliers to come up with the right solutions, first time.” 

Matt Wilson, Head of Environmental Sustainability Centre of Excellence, GSK